Leaf Removal

Fall is in the air and fall means LEAVES! Brook Lawn Service can help keep your grass healthy and yard looking great through autumn by setting up one-time or recurring leaf removal appointments. We use state of the art machinery plus good old fashioned manual labor to make sure every last leaf is removed. Now is the time to begin scheduling leaf removal services in Severna Park, so contact us now for a free quote.

Why You Should Remove Leaves

  1. Leaves laying on top of your grass for weeks will affect you ability to grow a beautiful lawn in the Spring. Your grass needs to breathe and needs plenty of sunlight through the fall.
  2. Your grass roots are still growing! Autumn is a great time to fertilize your yard and by removing leaves, you’ll have cleared the way for a fertilizing project.
  3. You can keep the leaves from your yard and turn them into mulch or compost.
  4. Your neighbors will appreciate it! Most of the time, the leaves in your yard are not “your” leaves. They can blow easily from yard to yard. Respect your neighbors and remove the leaves from your yard.

Leaf Removal

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